Grey Star Airport Spoting

Welcome to our team of spotters our objective is to spot this aircrafts A380, 747, suhkoi ssj100, tupolev aircrafts, antonov aircrafts, 787, virgin atlantic and BBJ aircrafts. In the Philippines international airport there are no A380s that land everytime only 2-4 times in a year so sine up on my team now! You can take pictures and videos of any aircrafts.image


Hi there, welcome to the community! You could start by finding people on the forum that live in the Phillipines to spot with you. We enjoy seeing photos from spotters here on the Infinite Flight Community. Please read this begginer’s guide to the forum so you can settle in quickly:


Thanks Captain_Ed and I forgot everybody from any country can send me any type of aircraft videos and photos of aircrafts landing and take off

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