Hello everybody,

Thanks for the tutorials, checklists videos and all the stuff you guys publish here. It’s a vast game, with dozens of controls, so it can get too complex really fast.



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There’s plenty more to come from other members here. Hang in there!

Nice of you to notice the work that’s being done. Hopefully you have checked out some my tutorials as well & they have been of assistance :)

I can tell you that @Aernout makes some pretty useful tutorials.

Welcome to the family!


So I’m flying around for the moment, oblivious to all rules and jargon (250 at 10’000) and trying to land different aitcraft, stick to waypoints…

I wish there was a spectator mode for the busy airports in the advanced mode, so I could check out some proper procedures

That being said, this is a pretty sweet simulator and my iPad will surely catch fire very soon.

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If you have met the requirements for the advanced server but you’re not ready to fly there then you can park up at a busy airport and just listen in to ATC and watch other pilots to get a grasp of procedures :)

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Welcome on the forum!

@IAR-80. MaxSez: Welcome aboard. Fly for real, be chivalrous, Good Luck.


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