GreenFire's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @NA (PASSED)

Planning to become IFATC!

If you come to a session. Expect to be tagged until otherwise requested.


Feel free to tag me when you open! I’ll gladly come if I’m available.

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I might actually open later tonight. I’ll be sure to tag you.

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Status: OPEN

Airport: KFLG

NOTAMS: Serious pilots only. do not come to troll.


Besides some TS noobs, nobody has come, I’ll be open for the next little while, come and practice some pattern work, or fly in from KSEZ or KCMR, there’s also American eagle flights to KDFW and KPHX, and United express to Denver. There’s something for everyone!

I’ll stop by

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I’ll fly in from Prescott, what RWY is in use?

RWY 21 is the runway.

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ATIS: Departing RWY 21, Arriving RWY 21, winds 230 at 3kt, visibility 10, 18/09

I will come for patterns

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  • There was no Sequence with me
  • You give me Runway Exit too late. It should be given on jets for 60-70kts.
  • There was a TBM on final and I was on base, you tell TBM for 360. But you can’t use 360 for spacing on final. Go around should be used. 360 can only be used on downwind
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Thanks @CrisYe for the feedback. I’m going to study some sequencing befire next opening. I also think someone in the F-14 came by. Couldn’t find the exit command lol.

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I am sure you will do better next time!

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Status: Closed for the night. I’ll open early tomorrow morning at around 8:30 MST.

Going to open in around 15 minutes.

Status: Open @PHKO

@yoshi_flyer @CrisYe @Jacob_Layton

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I’ll try to stop by!

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Closing in 10 minutes if nobody comes.

Status: Now closed.

It was bed time for me, I will try to stop by next time