Green/White orb

So I was messing around in solo at EGLL and I spotted this thing, also I noticed runway lights but that just might be me being stupid. Also, it was spinning.
iPad mini 4
IOS 9.3.1
Legit copy of infinite flight
Newest version of infinite flight.

That’s the airport beacon.


But I have never seen it before?

Its your green position light. Right wing.

It’s always been there.

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What? I mean the green white orb off my aircraft

That’s the light that airports use to be recognizable in low visibility. As @The_simulation_nerd said is the airport’s beacon, not an issue at all. But I mostly see them at the top of the control towers.

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Does it light up at dusk/night/morning?

Every time but noon.


That’s why it wasn’t familiar to me.

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