Green Markings

Hey Community!
I tought that in real life in US and other places it is a green marking inside the taxiway separating hole.
This is not a thing we need now but would be a nice addition to see, i could maybe try to make it since i am in the IFAET but my PC dosen’t work with it.

The green marking:

it would be a very very nice touch Id enjoy to see, and as far as Im aware, not the most difficult thing to programm. Id love to see the devs and airport team add this some time.


Much more important things to focus on right now but would be a nice addition in a few years


I edit that

Uh that would be something the IFAET would be doing if anything. The developers don’t touch the airports, it’s up to the members of IFAET to do stuff and they have standards for airports lot higher now when reworking or making a whole new airport. Hopefully someone from the IFAET can elaborate and even say if it’s possible or not🙂👍

Or if i am right or wrong


Hey, i know i made this to see if someone in the IFAET would do it and i am there but i can’t edit

If you’re in their slack, you probably should’ve just asked there. IMO


I’ve noticed this especially at a lot of airports in California, does anyone know the reason for it?

Maybe because grass needs a lot of water and it more expensive than paint in California.

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I thought that at first, but there is still a lot of grass at many airports that have the green markings. Especially in the photo

It also kinda looks like it wouldn’t work there because they’re smaller and in between two taxiways

But it is beautiful!

Closing this to save your votes. At this time this is not possible due to technical limitations outside of Infinite Flight’s scope.