Green Baltic

Starptautiskā lidosta «Rīga»/Riga Airport🇱🇻(EVRA/RIX)-Luchthaven Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport Schiphol🇳🇱(EHAM/AMS)

Flight time: 1:50

Server: Expert

Today we will operate the flight Riga - Amsterdam on the BEAUTIFUL A220 AirBaltic!

AirBaltic is one of the few airlines in the IF that has received its entire fleet. their fleet consists entirely of A220

Takeoff from the runway 36

Flying over the island of Öland🇸🇪 on FL340

beautiful from any angle

Netherlands struggle with sea level

there is an embraer in the photo

Final runway 06


Welcome to Amsterdam!🇳🇱

Thank you for watching!



Great photos! Just remember for next time to remain at or under the 10 photo limit per topic!

Love the A220 so much 😍


Can you give us a hint. I’ve been looking for like 5 minutes straight 😭

i see it, look at the runway


I definitely overlooked that. Thanks lol



Oh god no here it comes lol


So you want me to say something, huh? Well, I will say something then. You all thought it was just me, but it seems that Air Senegal has seen the truth.

Fantastic pictures (except for the aircraft, of course)!


It is at 10

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I’m on this one with you my guy

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Oh, whoops! So sorry! I miss counted!

But the fact is : the E2 isn’t selling while the A220 is selling like hotcakes. So A220 wins and there ain’t a thing you can do about it 😊. (I hope I triggered you)

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A very strange way to say that AirSenegal leaves the A220 niche without a replacement

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What a beautiful aircraft! Nice photos

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Why does every A220 screenshot topic turn into an argument with @AvioesEJogos? Lol

Also, nice pics