Green Africa - The new uprising airline startup from Nigeria

Green Africa is a Nigerian start-up to commence operations in 2020.

The airline was founded in 2015 by Babawande Afolabi, who is the CEO of the start-up. Other board members are Tom Horton, former CEO of American Airlines, Jag Singh, former CEO of Caribbean Airlines, and Kiran Koteshwar as the Chief Financial Officer.

Tom Horton, former American Airlines CEO

They will operate regional flights in Nigeria at first but plan to expand operations over the whole continent of Africa.

In order to be able to serve such a versatility of routes they first ordered B737MAXs. But because of the incidents of the MAX and the resulting delays, they converted Boeing’s biggest African order into Airbus’s largest African order, by converting their orders into 50 A220-300s.


Green Africa converted their B737MAX-8 order into an A220-300 order

In order to be able to start operations already this year, they leased 3 A220-300s from GTLK Europe.

I think this airline has huge potential: First, it will strengthen the west-African aviation market by a lot, since there aren’t any larger airlines in that region (besides Asky, a subsidiary of Ethiopian). As the Ethiopian CEO stated earlier this year, the African market is growing at insane rates, but there is a huge lack of airlines. Therefore I think the airline will be a great success, especially because of their A220s which will cut lots of operational costs, and will help the airline to offer one of the best products on the African market.


Wow! Green Africa🤩
Hope IF gets this one soon as another livery


The airline will definetly start operations early enough, for the livery to be introduced!


Nice!!! Another competition not just for Nigerian private airliners but for west Africa too


But why will they start with the B737Max
Thought the 737Max had some failures for the Boeing industry?!

No they will not! They first planned to start with the MAX but cancelled it because of its incidents. They replaced their B737MAX order with an order for the A220

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Much better 😂

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I totally agree with that

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such an awesome livery😍


Just followed their IG page ASAP 🤣

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Yes! It looks really fresh and modern

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Haha 😂 When they launch I will do so, too

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To be honest, the 737MAX8 livery looks terrible compared to the soothing A223 livery

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I thought the same, but to be fair the MAX livery was the first concept of a livery the airline had

This is a really needed airline in that region. As of now, the major African airlines with transcon services are all based in the eastern side of Africa. Egyptair(Cairo), Ethiopian(Addis), Kenya Airways(Nairobi).

I do think that the airline could bring some competition to Africa, maybe even opening up a new transit hub for Africa-EU pax at LOS in spite of the enormous O&D traffic. Aside from that, there remains many challenges in Africa, but with such a team, let’s hope for the best.


Air Senegal could be an airline on the A220 from that region too! But I truly believe it has good chances of succeeding

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This would be a very interesting thing to see should the A220 get the win!

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I agree! I was surprised that they commence operations this year already, so its really possible to get their livery on the A220

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Green Africa announced that their second set of pilots is getting certified for the A220 at the moment, so the start of operation is very close!

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