Join now on lgav in athens to make the greek airports alive and do some regional aegean airlines flights. Leave a like and i will dm you for mor info.

Sorry, but the forum is not the place for this.


this should be in the #live:groupflights catagory


Maybe post it in #live:groupflights. Unfortunately you are TL1 and need to be TL2, keep liking, posting, commenting and contributing to the community and you’ll be there in no time!


No point in telling them to move it if you don’t provide the necessary information of the category.


well you said the forum isnt the place for this and well it is just not this section.

@Stavroska2001 if you move it to the #live:groupflightscatagory and add all the info stated in the rules section that @Altaria55 has stated above.

enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas

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I see your group flight doesn’t fit the format for this category. All group flights must:

  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not be affiliated with a VA/VO
  • Not assign gates or pilot slots

In addition, they must be formatted and titled in a certain way:

How to format your post

Aircraft and Livery: xxx
Route: xxx (Where are you flying from-to)
Time of Departure: xxx (Please use ZULU time)
Server: xxx (Casual/Training/Expert)

How to title your post

Titles must be in the following format: Flight Title @ ICAO - DDHHMMZMONYY

  • Flight Title: The summary of your flight. Keep it short!
  • DD - Day of the month (e.g. 18th of June = 18)
  • HHMM - Time of your flight in Zulu time (e.g. 1pm CST (UTC -6) = 1900)
  • Z - Simply the letter ‘Z’ to indicate the time is in Zulu time
  • MON - 3-letter abbreviation for the month of your flight (e.g. January = JAN)
  • YY - Last 2 digits of the year of your flight (e.g. 2015 = 15)
How to use ZULU time

Use this website to convert between your timezone and ZULU. It’s the same as GMT and UTC, if that helps.

Have a nice flight!