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Come to KLAX I am controlling, to help me practice. There is no visibility.

KLAX is crouded airport. i suggest ou to not open at KLAX,EGLL,EHAM, and other crouded airport. because you will find some troll pilots.and i suggest you to read the manual and watch turtorial on youtube before opening an airport,so you understand the basic


I understand I already read them. I am a good controller

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As @Ramzi_Khairan said, KLAX is not a good idea :) Better airports are those that have two parallel Runways. For example EDDL // PGUM // EDDT // LPMA.

If you do this, it will help you more to become a better controller :)

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But I will drop by and fly some patterns :)

How is there no visibility. I live in LA and it’s fine right now.

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oh in the game now there is no visibility

Omg ur right. 1/4SM of visibility this is crazy. Mayday mayday Planes must divert.

I highly suggest to move to a smaller airport as someone else above said. Let me expand on why though. During your training it’s about quality and learning the aspects of tower. Not just giving people takeoff commands and taxi commands in a congested airport handling a lot of people. Just because there’s a lot of traffic doesn’t mean you’ll get what you need out of your session in terms of feedback and progression. I’d focus on smaller airports and just focus on people that are flying in to give you feedback. So, controlling congested airports isn’t a good idea if you are really trying to make it to IFATC. It isn’t about the amount of aircraft you can control at once but the quality and understanding of the frequency that matters right now.


Just enable APPR lol

@anon79353067 My feedback for you:

It was a solid session, but there are a few things you need to improve.

• The takeoff clearance was correct.

• It was right that you cleared me for the option, but the rejection came too late and you shouldn’t have told me the direction again, because you gave it to me at the TK.

• It would have been good if you gave me an “Extend Downwind”, otherwise I wouldn’t have flown into the plane on the 25L.

• You should have given me an “Extend Downwind‘‘ because I couldn’t sink so quickly at that moment.

• Apparently you wanted to give me a runway change. To do that, you have to give me a pattern entry before the clearance.(That’s why I didn’t understand the runway change either)

• You should have given the 777 a GA behind me because it was too close to me and it flew into me.

• Everything was fine in the pattern, except that you gave me a landing clearance.

If you look at it again, you will surely be a great controller! If you want you can watch the tutorials again or read through the manual :)

See you in the Skys!

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ok thank you

ok thank you.

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Are you still open?

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