GreatLeader's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Come fly at ZKPY. Pyongyang Sunan Airport, DPRK is open. Training server.
Someone can control approach.

Come fly to Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Ummmm… Why there??


Hello! Please follow the topic below in making a successful and within guideline tracking thread for pilots to come by and give feedback.


why no one want to come here

You’ve only been open for 9 mins. :)
The longer your open for the more people you’ll attract. It takes patience. Don’t expect many people to come to your tracking threads at times since you can get a busy audience or a small to none audience.

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ok I think training server, people fly only in big airports. But in expert server every plane go to 1 or 2 big airports.

People tend to go to where the atc is. I’m sure you’ve never seen 50 on approach for FACT in the training server. Be patient. People will come to you in time. However, You may want to change your location. I personally think it’s funny (as a form of satire), but many may not…

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I have question. Why on map the runway 35 and 01 approach line at ZKPY, it is curved. Why? In real life someone know why?

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I’ve seen that too. I think it’s a 19.4 glitch, but I can’t prove that. That’s a question for a mod/staff or a knowledgeable user.

Planes not allowed to fly above Pyongyang city. Maybe because that?

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No. I’m pretty sure IF doesn’t change the approach lines. All of them are the same (some are red to mark that they are equipped with ILS approach system, but aside from that…). Like I said, that’s a question for a mod or staff.

LTFM also has same issue

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sometimes many planes fly above North Korean airspace. I click send on guard message. In real life, fighter plane shoot you down.

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Hi, I was Shandong CRJ,

  • My clearance was very late the first time. I had to report my positon and then you gave me clearance. You said “cleared for the option runway 35, after the option make left traffic.” No need for the after the option unless aircraft is changing runways or coming inbound.
  • When I requested to runway 19, pattern entry was correct, but again clearance was very late. I had to report my position, then you gave clearance 'cleared for the option, runway 19", but you forgot the after the option part, “make left or right traffic” because I changed runways.
  • Transition was incorrect. Not 2000, add the airport elevation, in this case 117 + 2500 = 2617 round up to 3000ft which is the transition. Always add 2500 + airport elevation, then round up.
  • Pattern entry and clearance was correct on last inbound. Remember to give clearances earlier though. Not too late.
  • No runway exit command :(. Exit command should be given at 60-70kts.

That’s all for now. Thanks for your controlling! Good luck to IFATC!

ok thank you

expert server ATC staff should make ZKPY on ATC location map

This is absolute chaos. Why do some people have to ruin it for everyone else?

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now there are some crazy people in fighter planes

Hey, I don’t see you open at ZKPY, can you change the topic title to “CLOSED” please. Thanks, have a good day! :)

Sorted, no worries.

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