Greatest mobile simulator achievement so far

I feel like it’s a but underrated how amazing it is that a small team of developers created such an amazing simulator on mobile. This game is of such great quality and content it’s insane that they pulled it off on mobile and have a successful community. This is also one of the first simulators to have multiplayer seamlessly built in and work flawlessly. The best part is our amazing devs still update the game constantly and listen to the community. I don’t think enough people realize how incredible it is they made this.

So thanks for making this awesome simulator!


We need more posts like this. People always complain about the tinniest details but they don’t release what an amazing gift this game and community is. Thank you for telling the community about this


I’m more of an aluminium issues type myself, but you’re right. People love to complain.

I had and still do try all of the other sims put on the app store and none of them even got close to what IF offers. i dont get how they are all so bad yet IF is so good. anyway i would happily pay £100 for this its really that good. Its worth way more then the £5 it costs


This is the best simulator on the App Store.


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