Great Virtual Organizations or Airlines?

Hello IFC!

I was wondering if there are any great infinite flight VA’s or VO’s I may join?

Thanks and happy flying!

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Recommend having a look at the IFVARB website. You can then check the IFC threads and make your pick!


I think all of them are great, you just need to find one that fits your likings.

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Thankyou! I’ll check it out…

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If I were you, I would pick one with a wide range of aircraft and routes, so that you don’t get bored or stuck in a single aircraft.

I’m thinking of applying for two VA’s.

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It’s up to you…
Just check the requirements, some VAs have rules like 1 flight every week.

All depends on what do you call a “great VA”. All VAs and VOs are made to be the best such at a maximum point.
I recommend you to have a look at VAs threads. Cheers!

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