[GREAT TURNOUT, THANKS] Bermuda Flyout @ TXKF - 291630ZSEP18

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Date & Time
September 29, 2018 4:30 PM



Why I am doing this
I was actually born in Bermuda and lived there for around 6 years. I then moved to the UK and still live there. Bermuda has a great airport and in my opinion one of the best spotting areas I have been too. Sadly, we do not get many heavies. The largest aircraft we get is normally a Boeing 777-200ER.

About the event
This will be a fly-out of Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport, and will be in the training server to allow more people to join it. This is my first ever event, so please expect mistakes.

TXKF only has one runway, so wait times may be longer.
Follow ATC at all times.
Make sure to take enough fuel to get to other airports as there are none near by!
This is purely for fun, but please take it seriously for the enjoyment of all.
A flight plan must be in place before taxiing.
These are for real-world routes only (exception for GA)
Due to Bermuda being very small, there are only 8 gates meaning I can’t choose every airline that operates from Bermuda. Please understand this.
Please spawn in 10 minuted prior to the time announced.

Gate 1: American Airlines (Boeing B737-800) to KMIA
Gate 2: American Airlines (Boeing B737-800) to KPHL @Philip_Ippolito
Gate 3: JetBlue (Airbus A320-200) to KBOS @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 4: JetBlue (Airbus A320-200) to KATL @Captain_Merka
Gate 5: British Airways (Boeing B777-200ER) to EGKK @maeyo
Gate 6: Air Canada (Airbus A321-200) to CYYZ @Thomas_Purdy
Gate 7: British Airways (Boeing B777-200ER) to EGKK @QFA_12
Gate 8: Delta Airlines (Airbus A319-100) to KJFK @A320fan
FBO: Cedar Aviation Services 01: Private (Daher TBM 930)) to KMIA @JuniorAviator
FBO: Cedar Aviation Services 02: Private (Daher TBM 930) to TNCM
Apron IV: Qatar Airways Cargo (Boeing B777-200F) to EGFF @Ollywhxte
Apron II: Fedex (Boeing B777-200F) to KMEM
Area F: Fedex (Boeing B777-200F) to KATL @Noah_Ratuszny1
Apron III: Southern Air (Boeing B777-200F) to PANC @BennyBoy

TXKF Ground: @AcornPlayz
TXKF Tower: @AcornPlayz
TXKF Approach: @TheWalkingFruit


JetBlue to Boston please


Nice choice! Let me add you.


Hey! I’ll take Gate 8, callsign DYLAN-M

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Well set up but a slight problem… JB does not operate A319s, nor are they in IF. Usually JB just flies a A320 to KJFK and an ERJ-190 to KBOS (A320 in high season).


Hey dude! Ill take Gate 5, BAW78Y to da Heathrow please.
Thanks in advance.

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Could I also go lhr if it’s okay

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Just to let you know, British Airways fly to Gatwick from Bermuda, not Heathrow.

Also I’ll take AA1325 to Miami.


I love Bermuda’s scenery! This should be a great event!

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I use to see A319s when I lived there, but i guess that was a long time ago. Thanks.

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Yes, it’s beautiful apart when you get the storms.

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Ah, thanks for the correction, I didn’t think about that.

Added. Thanks for coming.

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I’ll be approach ATC for you. 🙂

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Is there no more room left?

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There is, which gate?

Thanks so much! Hope to see you there.

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Because @QFA_12 is using a 777 rather than the a319 before acorn changed it, he might clip wings with my babybus

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One second. Let me fix it.

But what if @QFA_12 still wants to fly to Gatwick? Where will he go?

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