[Great Turnout, Thanks!] 13 Gates Filled, 8 Gates Left!] The London City Flyout! @EGLC - 121800ZJAN19

The London City Flyout

This is only my second event!



Server: Training

Airport: EGLC

Time: 1800Z




Commercial Gates

Gate 01 | FlyBe Q400 | To EGTE: @Tyson_Johnston

Gate 02 | British Airways E190 | To EDDL: @Lufthansa2

Gate 03 | British Airways E190 | To LIRQ: @Plane-Train-TV

Gate 04 | British Airways E190 | To LFPO: @TenMileJones

Gate 05 | British Airways E190 | To EGPH: @morgan99

Gate 06 | British Airways E190 | To EIDW: @NationofAviation

Gate 07 | British Airways E190 | To EHRD: @Hamza_Alvi

Gate 08 | British Airways E190 | To LPPR: @Jakub_Astary

Gate 09 | British Airways E190 | To LXGB: @Lufthansa454

Gate 10 | British Airways E190 | To LFMN: @Speedbird_BA

Gate 11 | LOT Airways E170 | To EPWA: @whiskeyalpha

Gate 12 | Helvetic Airways (Generic) E190 | To LSGG:

Gate 13 | Helvetic Airways (Generic) E190 | To LSZH:

Gate 14 | KLM E190 | To EHAM: @Golden_Pheonix

Gate 21 | Luxair Q400 | To ELLX: @Tucker_Ryan

Gate 22 | Alitalia E170 (Generic) | To LIRF:

Gate 23 | Lufthansa E190 (Generic) | To EDDF: @Tnel

Gate 24 | British Airways A318 | To EINN, continue to KJFK:

GA Aprons:

GA Apron 1: @Pinecone

GA Apron 2: @Frankfurt05

GA Apron 3:

GA Stand 15:





About London City Airport:

Let’s Fill Up This Event!


Gate 24 please!

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This is a London City (EGLC) Flyout, right? Not KSFO…?


Oh I forgot to set that. Sorry.

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If it’s a London City fly out, I’ll take gate 6.


@Dylan_M Gate 24 is yours!
@NationofAviation gate 06 is yours!
Thank you both for coming!

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FINALLY a london city event! Sign me up as Gate 02 to EDDL :)

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Thanks for for attending!

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I’ll take gate 4 to LFPO please!

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Gate 21 please

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Ill take gate 1 to EGTE please.

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Gate 3 please

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Your all in! Thank you!

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Hmmm there seems to be a issue with your times. Your title says 1800Z but here it states 0800Z. Just asking.

Sorry, I forgot about that too!

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Sign me up for tower please

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Sign me up for the KLM E190 from gate 14 please

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Hey, I would love to join, but someone has already taken the EGLC>KFJK route. I really want to fly that one i an event, therefore is there any way you could add another gate? or are all gates already been added to the list?

Can I turn up in my KLM 747-400? 😎😉

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Can i be ground

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