Great session on ATC

Kudos to @Alpha1Aviator and the IFGA crew that flew into Nice LNFM. I had sets of aircraft flying into 4L and R. I think a couple of others joined in. It was fun!


I was controlling when they took off from EHAM, cool seeing a line of aircraft at the same runway!


You were my controller, I almost crashed lol. (Not ur fault)

What is your call sign @Cheryl_Tunt?

I didn’t go there. I went to EGLL via TBM.

Hmm what is this about?

The OP’s great IFATC session.

It is about how much fun things are when people follow the rules and respect each other’s spacing. And it is more about the pilots otherwise I would have put this in #atc

Were patterns allowed?

Yes patterns were allowed. People left the airspace or landed when they started getting sequenced number 5 or higher!

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Dang why you gotta scare me like that


Like I wanna be IFATC soon and that will be good and all… I am probably scared because I am used to training server and inexperienced pilots trolling in sequencing and overtaking but dayum

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I bet you’ll pass your practical! Anywho off-topic. Great to see people follow ATC instructions!


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