Great Salt Lake to Kailua-Kona in the B772


1) Background to the photos just the sky and US

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route KSLC-PHKO (NOT REAL ROUTE) DL B772 Expert server, flight time 6:10.


Taxi out of SLC

Rotatè from 34R

Climb out over the Great Salt Lake

At FL380 crossing over onto the Pacific Ocean

Cruising over the Pacific

At our Top of Decent with the Islands in the distance

Coming in over the Kohala Coast

Gear Down on final approach

A nice butter into Kona! The landing rate was -67

The Ground service disembarking our passengers and cargo.

Thank you!

Which pic was your favorite?

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WOOP WOOP Kona alert! Awesome shots, I love the one we’re youre descending over the Kohala Coast and then The dark, colorless lava on approach!


I did that flight the other day!!

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@NoahM yeah it’s pretty cool landing in kona. Not gonna lie,

@DeltaCs100 Cool! Did you do it on the DL B772?

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Nice pics

I suggest posting this here if you want!
Best Photos You Have Taken In 20.1!

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Should I even be surprised you were the first to reply immediately to a Kona Thread 🤦‍♀️

Anyways since I’m a hawaii fan girl, gorgeous photos!


Nice shots, fun route! I think my favorite is the one on final with the wing flex and gear tilt.

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Yes @OrcaKid I did!!

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@DeltaCs100 Cool!

@PilotChrisSG I did :)

@Mr-plane-guy1 it was a pretty buttery landing.

@anon41771314 i know right? Sarcasm alert


Not a real route, not an active aircraft… still a really beautiful set of photos!

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Technaccly according to SLC - PHNL starts in the coming months!

Been to Kona like 5+ times IRL and it’s a blast every time. One of the best towns on the planet.

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