Great routes to fly around 11 hours

Howdy everyone! I’ve ran out of long haul flights to run; around 11 hours. I sure most of you willing to help me out know excellent routes! Thanks!!

test the 767’s limits and fly from TBPB to EDDF. 😁

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I forgot to add… you will be responsible for all violations and if I get banned… I will not hesitate to press charges. Jk

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JFK or Boston to Honolulu

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That can get your posts flagged, I did a topic about it and it got closed because a mod said it would get flagged, not a good idea.


Lesson learned. Don’t take advice from @Reid. Noted…

Plenty of route database topics out there. Just search for “route database” and I can almost guarantee you that you’ll find something, if not, be creative and make your own route.