Great OKC Flyout 2AUG24

Of course.

Can I get gate 8 to DFW?

You are down

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@A320ifly @a5b6d28383 would you two like a gate?

I’m not 100% sure I can make it, but can I have gate 4, American eagle E175 to Los Angeles please?

Yea. Just let me know

That gate is taken @a5b6d28383 , any other options.

I’ll take this route but on the 717-200

Actually let me keep it as the 320

Ok. The 717 is hard to fly. And they have 2 routes on the A320.

And @Apple_Haye if you haven’t already signed up for my RSW Flyout on the 29th. Fee free to check that out.

This one pls

You are down, thanks for coming

Keep filling up Oklahoma City

Can I have gate 9 then, with a American eagle E175 to Los Angeles please?

Yup, will change that for you.

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Delta Connection E175 to Salt Lake city

You are down

Friday of the event I will be road tripping to Cincinnati, which from where I live is 12 hours. So there might be a possibility of me bumping it to the 1st. Would everyone be ok with that. If everyone would please vote in the poll below. Thank you!

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  • Yes
  • No
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