Great OKC Flyout 2AUG24


• I am not responsible for any violations.
• Listen to ATC at all times.
• Respect other pilots at all times.

Event Details

Event Details
Server: Expert
Airport: KOKC/ Will Rogers World Airport
Please spawn in 15 minutes before!

Gate Airline/Aircraft Pilot Destination
1 Alaska(B739) @Prestoni Seattle
2 American(A321) @Tharealjaay Charlotte
3 American Eagle(E175) @deltaoutofdca Miami
4 American Eagle(CRJ7) Phoenix
5 United Express(E175) @MAviationYT Chicago(ORD)
6 American Eagle(E175) @Muhammedj14 Los Angeles
8 American(B738) @Retreg Dallas(DFW)
9 American Eagle(E175) @a5b6d28383 Los Angeles
10 Frontier(A320) Denver
11 United Express(E175) Houston(IAH)
12 Frontier(A321) @MarcosHazard Las Vegas
14 Southwest(B737) @Oklahoma1 Austin
16 Southwest(B738) Houston(HOU)
18 Southwest(B738) @KSATplane_spotter St Louis
20 Southwest(B737) @Apple_Haye Washington(DCA)
22 Southwest(B737) @whyevenbothernaming Tampa
24 Allegiant(A320) Destin-Fort Walton Beach
26 Delta(A320) @Apple_Haye Atlanta
28 Delta Connection(E175) Salt Lake City
30 Delta Connection(E175) Minneapolis-Saint Paul
32 Delta Connection(E175) New York(LGA)
FBO 1 NetJets(C350) Scottsdale
FBO 2 VistaJet(C350) @United403 Sheridan
FBO 3 GA(C350) Cancun
FedEx 1 USAF(C130-J) @130_Spectre_Gunship Dyess AFB
FedEx 2 FedEx(B777F) @Justin_Betances Memphis
UPS 2 UPS(A300F) Louisville
Frequency Controller
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This, but to Tampa.

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You are down. Thanks for coming.

This but VistaJet to Sheridan Wy

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You are down

This please

You are down

Southwest to stl

Down. Would you like to go to SAT instead.

Sure whatever works

Ok your down for SAT

You might wanna fix your gate format, kinda got broken.

Just delete an extra space between the “|— | — | — | — | —|” and the “|Gate | Destination | Aircraft | Airline | Pilot|”.

Thank you.

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You’re welcome! Unfortunately, I can’t attend. 😔

That’s ok, I will make a different event later.

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You marked not going can you attend or not. You are down for FBO 2.

Cargo FedEx 01 |USAF | C-130J | Dyess AFB KDYS |

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You are down

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This one please