Great Lakes Aviation Beechcraft 1900

This was taken 3 weeks ago.😉


That’s awesome!!! Not many left!

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😍 Love it! I saw N514RS at Oshkosh the other year, I’m surprised this wasn’t there either. That paint is super nice too!

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Hate to harp but let’s keep this on track about the Beechcraft 1900. Need to remove the photo and create its own thread

This’d be a nice plane alongside with the Air New Zealand Livery

very nice. These kind of aircraft are needed to fly even the smaller and rough airports in global. Not another useless airliner like the dc10

I see a lot of these planes at Denver airport for some reason?

Aspen airport has one based there!

If I recall, I remember hearing that from one of my co-workers. Pretty sweet stuff!

Bumping this back up as there is a new voting system. If you like smaller commercial turbo props like this…show your support :)

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so cute…
i love this plane


Exactly it is such a cool little bird lol


This would definitely be nice, especially with the global scenery! Great idea! 😄

I think this may be the only airliner that comes into SLN since Seaport airlines and their 208s

They have one of their hubs in Denver so every time I go flying their I see at least one of not two of their aircraft.


Looks like some Boutique PC12’s

Looks a little tiny bit like the Beluga

How in the world does it look like the Beluga?

I remember flying them from Las Angles to Merced. Good workers too

This should come when they add the 1900