Great Lakes Airways new Website

Can I get some opinions and stress testers on the website for my VA? Much appreciated. I apologize if this is the wrong category, I cannot post in VA yet.


Your website looks great. Nothing really needs to change.

Not to turn you down from making a VA which i think is a great thing, you should put this in the LiveVA Category and you need to at least be TL2 to post there (Memeber) but you are TL1, so keep being active on IFC and you will get there.


I don’t think these posts are allowed. If you want feedback on your new website, try PMing some people.

@Balloonchaser PMed me once about his GA website.

But I was so rude to completely forget about the PM and now I feel extremely guilty about it after rediscovering the PM 2 days ago.


I personally think it looks great! I can assume it is not 100% complete yet. I think this website, and your Virtual Airline has so much potential. Have you contacted IFVARB yet?

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I think you are right. I think they disallow these types of posts for a numerous amount of reasons.

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I personally think there should be a thread with all the potential Virtual Airlines and we can as the community can make suggestions/comments on the virtual airlines. I think that would help these CEO’s a lot

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I’m too intimidated to contact them yet.

I wouldn’t. They are so nice and helpful. I know my IFVARB admin is amazing. He is such a great help and a great person overall. You just really have to present yourself in a mature manner.

I’ll shoot them a message

Before you do that I see you are TL1. Unfortunately you have to be TL2 before you can contact the board

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Interesting website, although you might want to change some text as it doesn’t stand out against the background. Also on mobile when you click on routes you have to get the app to veiw that page so you might want to look into that. Cheers.


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I was having the exact same issue! If you PM me I can give you some pointers

Hello! 👋🏻

While the website looks good this would need to be posted in #live:va, and in order to post there you must be TL2, and have an IFVARB approved VA. Here are some pages that may help you, feel free to ask any questions!

Have a good morning, and feel free to PM me or any of the Mods with any questions!


Look at @KPIT go lol

I just state the facts… 🤷🏻‍♂️


On the GLA website I was trying to book a flight and clicked on the Route button. I signed up for Airtable then It’s not there.

Thanks for your Help!

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I will surely fix it asap! First passenger to book gets First Class tickets.

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Should be fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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