Great job on 20.2

I just wanted to say you guys did a great job on 20.2 i just did a 22:45 hour long flight stopping at 4 airports with no lag or game crash. I was doing some VFR over a low fog area and I watched the fog slowly rise to my alt. You did a great kid on the. The 77W has some holes in it but it is over all a great aircraft. The 777LR was a big surprise so great job on the optimization and I believe a part of metal.

Oh and also how do you contact a mod to get some or I have a report


Lovely message. I’m sure the devs will love to hear this. 🙂

Contact @moderators.


Hey there!
If it’s a Level 1 violation, unfortunately these are given by the system and can’t be appealed unless you can prove that it was a technical issue.
On the other side, if it was a level 2 or 3 violation, I would suggest sending a PM to your controller and discuss about the situation (you can see the controller’s name on the replay).

If you are still unsatisfied by the explanation of the controller, you can escalate the situation to @appeals.

No I mean some one was troll me on expert because I don’t need and appeals I want someone to get a repor For trolling


Usually, nothing much can be done about it unless the trolling is something major. You can try your shot at contacting @moderators and provide a display name and last callsign.

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