Great Job Controllers

I would just like to say great job to the controllers. They are very skilled at everything they do, and I would like to say thank you.


They always do an amazing job whenever and wherever they control. But there is no need for a topic itself. Just post it on the ATC Schedule 😉


Okay. I am still figuring out everything with the forum.


Glad to have you on-board. Enjoy your stay here and don’t hesitate to PM me or anyone if you have any type of questions !!!

Welcome to our community!!


Welcome! And thanks for the nice comments! 😀

Here’s some links that may be useful.

More info here:

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I completely agree!

Of course they aren’t human. They wouldn’t be able to do what they do if they were.

Controllers often work very hard and are very stressed especially in busy situations, most of us draw out a plan and then use it which makes our life much easier. We go through a ton on a weekly basis in IF, and I would like to say that we all appreciate your very kind words and humble topic.


Its nice to hear kind words for a change. These controllers work very hard to make our IF experience great. They deserve to be praised!! Thanks IFATC!!


I always make it a point to send a ‘Thank you, good day’ message before leaving any controller. I don’t care if you’re busy with a 100 aircraft in your airspace, you’re going to get a little gratitude from me and there’s nothing you can do about it. 😉


They definetely do a great job. The best way to show your appreciation is to join them.

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