Great Flight!

I just had a great flight! I departed PHKO on the advanced server with no ATC. On my arrival I contacted Honolulu Appriach with ATC coverage until 30nm out from PHNL and contacted Tower. I originally was going to land RWY 8L but was told to changed to 8R, I didn’t care. Had my smoothest landing ever and taxied all the way to parking. Right when I touched down I saw a 737 landing on 4R, then when I was almost at 4R to hold short an AA 777-200 landed. I requested to cross 4R but a SW 737 landed then a Aeroflot 777 landed. During this 2 airplanes departed, I couldn’t tell what they were. When I finally got to cross 4R I crossed 4L, then held short 8L. A Lion Air 737 took off also. Then I crossed 8L and taxied to parking. Let’s just saw that my passengers were probably tired of waiting.

I flew an a321, call sign American 328.

I’m heading back to Honolulu! Come join it’s pretty busy!! Also great controlling “Sean Tea.”


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