Great expert player , trying to land over me while I was on final


Firstly, sorry that this has occurred to you on the expert server.

Whilst it certainly is frustrating and can damper the experience of your flight, there isn’t much that can be done when there is no active IFATC at the airport, as they are only able to report when they are actively controlling.

There are a select group of individuals, including moderators and supervisors that are able to report whilst flying, but unfortunately not much can be done if IFATC isn’t active or a supervisor isn’t present at the time of the incident.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again though, as I understand how frustrating it can be.

Take care!

Yea I know thank you though:)

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Yea ikr

sâm., 11 sept. 2021, 12:07 Blink via Infinite Flight Community <> a scris:

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