Great Dublin Flyout @EIDW 141600ZSEP19

Server: Expert

Airport: EIDW

Time: 1600Z

Come fly out of my home airport EIDW ! It has a vast route network that extends all over the world. Just request gate, aircraft and destination down below. Thanks. I’ll tell you if you need to switch terminal or if your route is not a real one. I’ll also be requesting ATC for this event. All welcome ! My personal favourite routes : EIDW - EGLL (EI,BA) EIDW-KORD (UA,AA,EI) OMDB-EIDW (EK). I would appreciate some people. Thanks! Also if you want the list of routes just visit the Wikipedia page and go down to airlines/destinations. Thanks

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What do you mean?

Please use the proper title by following the rule. ;)

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@CaptainHugh I think he means that you should put some more effort into your thread. It’s looking a little threadbare right now, but I’m sure some gates, NOTAMs and lists of flights would spice it right up. Happy flying!

Thanks and I will

@TaipeiGuru you are gate Terminal One 107T for a BA flight to Heathrow in any a320 fam aircraft. Thanks for coming !

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Anyone else?

If there is no more than ten people by 12SEPT then it’s cancelled

I don’t think he asked for a gate mate…

Please fix your title. It’s still incorrect.

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You’re title should like this:

Friday Night Flight - Airbus vs Boeing @ London - 041830ZMAR18

it’s an example

He PM’d me on Slack from BAVA

What do you mean, I have the airport name and a good bit of info

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