Great controlling, stupid flying

It’s been ages since i flew in the virtual skies as i took a break from IF. Came back to 3D buildings and much more. I was flying from EDDM to EGLL and conducting my approach into EGLL. The local controller was @Manav_Suri manning all stations and it was pretty busy. I noticed a not so competent person who was trying to ignore instructions and fly recklessly. He/she almost crashed into another innocent pilot. However, as great the controller he is Manav didnt directly report this individual and gave him ample warnings. After which he/she still was very ignorant to the instructions. Manav still let the person correct their mistakes and finally made them fly accordingly. The sheer patience i saw from the controller forced me to make this appreciation post. Great job to the controller and the whole ATC team to keep the same spirit (well most of them).


I personally think that controllers with patience is running much more rare these days. We are supposed to assume good faith, and perhaps, some people are experiencing these difficulties because maybe they are not as experienced with the app, or maybe not quite as knowledgeable.

It is important, at least to me, to inculcate an environment of assuming good faith as shown in the post linked below which I personally think is a great post. We are on a platform with people from all backgrounds, experienced and inexperienced, those with skill and perhaps those who are still improving.

For controllers, please do read the post below and try and implement this. It’ll improve you as a person, the environment we’re in and allow people to learn and develop their skills.


Sometimes it could be a hit or miss unfortunately. As a controller i try my best to avoid reporting as much as possible but then you see complaints and topics like ‘‘Expert Server quality is downgrading’’ and it could be these kind of pilots that you tolerate who contribute to this

Oh my god, @NiharG! Is that really you 🥺

Thank you so so much, haha. I am so so happy to see you back in IF. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw you flying, haha. A little context here, Nihar was the one who got me hooked to ATC, 2 years ago. I really had no plans on joining IFATC because I literally had 0 interest in controlling. Nihar taught me the basics, got me all prepared for the written test and then when I passed, suggested me to apply for official IFATC Training. We tagged a few airports after I got in but Nihar got tied up with rl. It’s been more than a year and this is the first time we have had contact.

This community is truly amazing!


Ahh i dont think that was much of tolerance as much it was giving someone a chance. Unless the person doesn’t correct themselves or hinders other’s flying, I personally think you could be a bit lenient. There are two types of incidents: one caused by recklessness ( intentional dangerous manoeuvre) and the other is complacency (just a mistake). Reckless behaviour should be treated with the most severe punishment no doubt but complacency can be taken care of by some leniency.

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Nice of you to censor his/her name! Great sportsmanship!

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Yeah nah the point of this post wasnt to shame the person at fault. It was to praise the ATC

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