Great Community!

Just a message to let you all know I really appreciate what this community is doing.
It’s been really interesting, educating and fun.
I know a lot of people invest a lot of time to keep it all going.
So thanks to everyone working hard to make this a great place to exchange information and also thanks to everyone contributing, so we all can be better pilots and controllers and have fun too!


Keep up the great work!!!



Great message, I hope to see the community grow even faster!

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That would be great!
Is there a way to see how many members there are at the moment?
Never mind! I found it! 602 users! :)

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Ehm go to all the time then you see more 5000 members


Oops! 5809 users! Small difference! :)


I also like this community. I’m doing hard my best to be a regular.

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This community is awesome! Everyone is very kind and always willing to help. Best community that I have been in.


I don’t know if you are but i’m addicted!very good place!!

1 day later… we have 5841 users. 32 new users joined in one day!


The onboarding process of this forum (trust levels), the great moderator team we have as well as the amazing regular members makes this community what it is today.

Thank you all for being part of it, it is truly motivating to see such a positive community around a passion we all share.


Not too forget to thank Philippe for clicking the button to make this forum :D without his click, there would not have been one…

Not sure if sarcasm, profound misunderstanding of what building a community entails, or both :)


Also don’t forget to thank Philippe and Matt for making a great app and taking time out of their days to talk to the fans. You guys never seem to get enough credit and are always being criticized by those that fail to realize that in order to make a good product, it needs to take awhile! You devs are the best and I find it awesome that you are active in the community. This community is the brainchild of Philippe and makes a great app even better. :)

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yes i love this community since my day one into him!

Thank you to all members for what he does for the community,

special thanks to @BavariaAVIATION and @the_simulation_nerd regarding TravelSky VA :)

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Now what’s that supposed to mean? ;)