Great ATC!

This evening on the Advance server I flew for about an hour at KTPA. I just wanted to practice pattern work with a controller that knew WTF they were doing. @Erick_Caro was the man for the job. When I started I was the only plane there for about 10 min. As the airport got busier I didn’t get refused to continue pattern work. I ended up doing about 20-25 touch and goes. At one time I was “#4 cleared for the option”…most of the when it gets this busy controllers are quick to refuse pattern work…So thanks man and good job!


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Thank you @Maverick. I really appreciate the good feedback and that you had an awesome experienced at KTPA. It’s my pleasure.


i love seeing this. its brings joy to IF and i hope people get inspired by this. everyone should be like this encluding me. thank you very much @Erick_Caro for being a good ATC and @Maverick for telling us. keep doing what you are doing guys> Happy Landings !!!