Great ATC Work!

Just did a ton of T&Gs at KPSP on TS1. @cleipelt was controlling Ground and Tower and handled a lot of traffic. Gave great instructions and managed the space well! Great job! Maybe there’s hope for TS1 yet!


There’s no hope for TS1… Because a great controller like that is just gonna get sent into the IFATC. 😂



That’s kind of the point.


I know, so there’s no hope for TS1, as he said.


To reiterate, you did amazingly at controlling @cleipelt. IFATC is coming!

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Thank you very much David for the forum post, and all the pilots who flew in and kept me on my toes for the past 2 hours. Just logged off, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the PMs and forum posts from pilots regarding my controlling. I’m happy to say you guys have been the best group I’ve ever had the pleasure of controlling. Especially surprising for TS1. Didn’t have too many trolls, if any, but lots of great pilots! Appreciate the traffic guys, I’ll be back soon for more evening staffing.


Next time you are controlling let me know as i would love to come along ! :)


Exactly. I agree. That’s a good thing. People who take it seriously and are good, why should they languish on TS?


Believe me, I’ve tried to get out of TS. Got turned down because I didn’t meet flying requirements for grade 3. Not going to waste my time flying for hours trying to get 40K XP when all I’d be doing is controlling in the expert server. Doesn’t make any logical sense.

I’ll have to just stick with TS1 until I can’t take any more of the clueless pilots :)


I was in the same spot. Until I couldn’t take the pilots anymore and just flew a boatload of patterns at Denver alternating runways so I could get 2-for-1 [zero other planes in region, so wasn’t interfering with anyone]. Just couldn’t take the pilots anymore. But I definitely get the sentiment.

I did it in 3 days. Just dedicate a weekend to it when you’re ready. It’s worth it. I wish there was a way around it. It doesn’t make much sense now and hopefully it changes in the future, but it will definitely be worth it once you finally reach 40k. We were all in the same boat and it sucks at first.

@Simon_Watts is juggling a huge mess at KSAN right now, doing a fantastic job, numerous planes just got to witness some intense atc work being pulled off really well, great job and thank you.

Past over there at 42,000ft about 30 mins ago, looked heaving, could tell atc was going a great job, loads departing and arriving in a constant cycle.

sounds like he just got a recommendation letter.

Hello and thank you very much for your kind message.

I lost my approach controller and suddenly things got a little crazy! A few 360° holds and things managed to work out ok. We really appreciate compliments on the ATC team so thank you again.

Simon Watts IFATC

Yeah I was coming in when approach went down, that was pretty crazy. I’d been following approach half blind but when he closed up and I looked at the gps it was 12 planes from 12 vectors all converging on the localizer at the same time, was like a coordinated attack haha. I’m the one who pulled a 360 before even calling inbound- is that helpful or should I just call in and let you do the work?

Controlling right now at KSJC GND/TWR for about an hour max.

Also live steaming it:

Feel free to fly in if you’d like. Keep in mind this is my first live stream I’ve ever done so it probably won’t be the best. Quality isn’t in HD either due to connection but hopefully you’ll learn a few things :)

Edit: I was reviewing the live steam I reordered earlier and the image formatting was off and it was super laggy. Decided to just stop the live stream for this session :)

Hi, thanks for responding again. The thing is, in real life it would be
extremely strange to do a 360 when approaching a field without having been
instructed to do so. You would get shouted at. As a pilot one doesn’t have
a radar in real life providing the benefit of knowing everyone’s exact a/c
position. But the situation I was facing this afternoon would obviously
never occur in real life.

So you essentially removed yourself from my field of concentration for a
few minutes by taking care of some of the separation by yourself which was
very helpful. Great Kudos to your situational awareness and airmanship!

If there were only three or four aircraft inbound this would probably
confuse the controller because you would already be on his ‘mental radar’ -
if you will.

In infinite flight, having that many aircraft inbound, and with the
interface that ATC uses, it is essentially overwhelming. Anything that
lightens the workload is appreciated.

Ultimately without an approach controller in IF, (which when present,
effectively creates a more realistic IFR class Bravo environment) you are
operating with jet aircraft capable of 250kts (below 10,000 – and some
people do race in at that speed) in what is essentially a class Delta VFR
It’s unrealistic and sometimes almost impossible. It just becomes a fun
challenge. I almost threw in the towel today, I have to admit. Especially
since I was controlling on my iPhone. (I thought a single runway would be
easy with Approach on hand) but I was feeling pretty good and satisfied
when I logged off and it was really nice to get your email. You kind of
made my day actually.

I really have to say thank you again for your comment. As a controller
when an email pops up from the forum one tends to immediately expect the
worst and it is always very nice to receive a compliment since as you know,
we (at least the vast majority, especially the older guys) work very hard
to provide a professional level of service. And of course it is great fun!
(A lot of the best controllers have real life aviation/ATC experience, as
do I. I am an ex RAF Tornado GR4-a pilot.) I now tootle around
Massachusetts in a Cessna with my friends.

Always happy to offer other advice / receive feedback. Happy flying. Best,



Good god, that was long winded. Hope it was interesting at least!!


I see a little bit of @JoshFly8 is rubbing off on you @Simon_Watts 😂😂

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