Great ATC at RJTT

Hi !
I just landed at Tokyo intl. and I had an amazing approach and landing mostly thanks to the work of the ATC on duty there ! I didn’t have time to get there names but maybe they’ll find this ! Quality ATC like that on the training sever is really really cool so thank you to the controller who vectored me into the airport through the approach frequency (I was Cathay 1801, landed around 0915Z) ! For a moment I really wasn’t sure that I was on TS1 but rather on the expert sevrer ! I hope this amazing controller will find this topic ! Thanks !! (I think he’s not controlling anymore)


Nice to hear some positive feedback on Training Server. Thanks for sharing.

With all the stories about bad ATCs and misbehaving pilots you’d almost forget that most times Training Server is actually a fun place to fly and control.


Exactly ! ;)

Very true.

Training server is pretty much a learning server.
Whoever your ATC was, she/he is probably at the point where she/he could probably apply for IFATC.

You’re very lucky for getting an approach ATC that knows what he/she is doing. Like vectoring you in, etc. Hopefully that controller heads to the next level soon. 👍

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