Great ATC at KLAX.

I flew into KLAX this evening around 6:15Z on the training server and I just wanted to complement the Approach controller. It was BY FAR the best vectored approach I’ve ever received on the training server at KLAX which is usually a pretty chaotic experience. Great job and thank you whoever you are! 🙏👍


well actually i have been controlling lax for many many times.
the problem is not the controllers are not professional enough
it’s people not listening to orders
and most importantly,
requesting takeoff when you are 3rd in line
we have already do our best
but even a grade 5 can just ignore my go around message and crash with another aircraft lining up


In the training server, providing a quality service is difficult especially in the busiest airports, because there are those who do not want to listen to the instructions and that some noobs think that the ATC is a robot.


That isn’t good…

I agree though. Quite a few times I’ve done an overnight into LAX and many of the approaches have been great because I actually listen to them. One time when I actually went in the correct direction… he said thanks!

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Just because they’re Grade 5, it doesn’t mean that they have any knowledge in aviation… it just means they’ve flown a lot. Well, some of the cases…


Do you remember the controller’s name?

Unfortunately no. Went back and viewed the replay but it’s not listed anywhere.

Last night, I controlled KLAX Approach at this time, tell me the callsign that you were using so that I can check in my replay.

Well you did a fantastic job. 😁 Spacing was excellent as were altitude and directional calls. My call sign is N121PP.

What normally happens at KLAX on the training server is I end up either way out over the mountains to the east or somewhere over the ocean southwest of the airport because the controllers get so overwhelmed with the shear volume of traffic. You were all over it! 👍

Anytime I’m controlling approach at Los Angeles, I tell people who already vector themselves to just proceed on.

There are folks who line themselves perfectly with the ILS and still ask for vectors. Takes away from the people who actually need it.

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You don’t need to align the aircrafts with the ILS, you just clear them for approach and they align by their own, this is in a tutorial on YouTube.

Uh… sorry it wasn’t me lol, but if you find “Rafael Rolim” as a controller in Training Server in KLAX or EGLL, that’s definitely me.

I’m struggling to see where I mentioned approach, lining up aircraft for the ILS. You do need to line them up with an appropriate intercept of the ILS/GPS approach though. I’m sure you know that 100%

I should have been more clear, aircraft already established on the GS asking for vectors when they should be in contact with the tower.

Anyways It’s Los Angeles. So when it’s busy and people don’t follow instructions I don’t spend much time on them, other than a frequency changed approved.

That’s mostly on training I believe

That might have been me:) not for sure though, I remember a callsign like yours

Yeah it would be cool if we could see the controllers’ IFC names in the radio call window in the replay. It’d make things a whole lot easier in terms of reaching out to a specific controller with questions. 🙂

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I agree :)

I’d say kudos to tower and ground as well tried being tower and ground ATC for LAX, struggled to keep up lol that’s why I do ATC for PDX I try to keep professional lol

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