Great ATC at EHAM on Expert Server

There was no approach frequency, so he had to vector all these arriving aircraft into 1 pattern on his own. Plus on top of that he had so many people wanting to takeoff and he was ground as well. Pretty stressful but he was still able to do it. Great job @AdamCallow!


I see Adam’s name come up pretty often for good ATC work. Excellent job!


Yeah he is a Great Controller!


I must say Adam Callow is one of the best. I had the same experience with him some weeks ago.


Wow, what might have been stressful. How fast was his response?

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Usually anywhere from 10-30 seconds

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I should experience his controlling skill too😊


I can tell on that😎


@AdamCallow great work glad to see appreciation from the pilots of the community towards IFATC


Thanks guys, it means a lot. I have to say that got pretty stressful after @anon66442947 left approach frequency.

I got to sequence up to 6 on 27 with 2 for 18C and one for 18R with about 6 on the ground wanting to takeoff from 24. So happy had the runways to do it.

I got really close to having to issue a go around but the aircraft just cleared the runway in time.

@Kevinlu11 I thought I was quick, but sometimes I gave a quick pattern entry without sequence in other to work out where to put everyone and then give who they are following about 1 min later.

Great session, loved every second of it. ( apart from when someone taxied onto the runway with out permission. and when 4 people called inbound at the same time)


I am glad that there are amazing ATC out there like you because I have been flying when it seems like aviation noobs are controlling the air traffic. One time this one kept having me do right 360s for spacing when there was no other aircraft behind or in front of me! But I have had ones that please me. It would be cool if sometime I could be flying and you could be my ATC!

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Well I try to control every day, normally around the evening in the UK at where ever the people of the expert server are flying or where @anon66442947 opens approach without tower.


Okay, good to know!


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