Greasy landings only please!

KAPA open

I’ve got KAPA (Centennial Airport) Expert Server open. Feel free to stop on by. I would suggest against any thing bigger than a B757 or A321. Those two and smaller would be acceptable.

Failure to grease your landing will result in a ghosting. just kidding



Please dont kill me


Thanks for the offer deer but I’ll pass because I need to wake up very early tomorrow.

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ATC tracking threads are not allowed unless you are in the process of joining the official IFATC team to control the expert server!

Flagged for moderation.

I should be asleep by now. Nah, I’ll be right there!


proceeds to ban all of you


Guess you won’t find me flying a plane to KAPA then ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Oh come on Deer! I guess I keep trying to convince you!

Butter is legendary.

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Spawned, I will butter grease a Voloteaaris A319.

I’ll 100% pop along (british jeez)

I’m landing in KATL. And I’m kinda tempted to just smash my aircraft into the ground and literally get a wheel stuck in there with a Ryanair 737 🙄.

Oldest joke in the book, I know.

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oh my lord. I’m self banning myself from landing there because my landings are usually between -1200 and -5027

If your open in the next hour or so I’ll definitely swing by and grease some landings

No comment.

I’m open for the next 42 minutes and counting.


What’s ButterCrusher up to now? I’m lovin it.

Can’t attend, sorry, I wish I could as grease is beast.

Welp, gotta keep preaching. Butter is better than gre-butter.

ooooo I think that would be a great name

POLL: Should @DeerCrusher change his name to ButterCrusher

(sorry off-topic)

  • Yes, Deers Should Live, Butter Shouldn’t
  • No, Deers shouldn’t live, Butter should
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Already seen somone have their name as buttercrusher 😂


Sorry, but animals are better than buttery landings.

@anon57683537 by any chance, are you in a car? 😂

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Nothing greasy yet. Fighting with the turbulences here. Let’s see if the second try will look better.