Greasy Landing @ URSS - Expert Server

➽ Background to the photos: Casually playing around and trying some greasy landings! With a 5kt crosswind, among the 4 landings I did, here’s the one I selected.

➽ Detailed flight information including servers, time, route: The flight occurred today between 1130Z and 1200Z approximately, on the expert server. I was remaining in the pattern, thus the route was simply URSS-URSS.

➽ Video:


Nice Landing precisely but could’ve been smoother.


Happy to see some others flying to URSS, I think it’s the most under-appreciated 3d airport of them all. Sochi is such a hidden gem with the scenery and black sea around it. It also opens up so many nice routes to rural Russia.

Really have no idea why I said all this, nice landing!

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URSS means USSR in my native language, I get confused every time I hear about this airport x)
But yes, the airport is pretty good, it is indeed underappreciated

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