Greasy landing @ KSFO! Helsinki-San Francisco!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As mentioned on my photo/post yesterday, I took to the skies again flying one of Finnair’s long haul transatlantic flights from Helsinki! Although seasonal, EFHK-KSFO was today’s route with the Airbus A350-900! This was a solid 10 and a half hour flight. Was expecting KSFO to be busy, but it wasn’t. Oh well there’s always next time. Here’s a greasy touchdown shot @ SFO around 4:30PM PST in California!

Photo taken on the Expert server and edited with Adobe Photoshop! Off to Tel Aviv tomorrow!


oh that does look buttery smooth What do ya say @Butter_Boi Wouldnt you agree?


Nah horrible landing 0/10.

Just kidding, nice butter landing, great photo Andrew!


Thank you kind sir! :)

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Nice job! I might see you around flying.

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