Grease Down in Opa Locka

1) Hey IFC. I just recently did another group flight with @den.aviation and @Trio joined in at the end.

2) We flew from KTEB down to KOPF in the TBM-930. We did Expert Server and we did a Flight of 2 most of the time and then a Flight of 3 when Trio joined. Flight time was exactly 4 hours.

3) Photos

At KTEB with DEN_Airport in the Signature Parking in the TBM.

DEN_Airport is taking off and I’m holding short 19.

VR…Takeoff. Just rotated off 19 climbing to FL250

Turning south at about 3000ft at around 200kts.

Flying over the water for the next 3 hours of the flight at FL250. Here we see New York’s coast

Descending into KOPF

On short final on runway 19L

BUTTER… Best landing!

Taxing to GA parking.

Parked at GA parking.

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Nice pics!

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