Grease Autoland

Hi community, how to do a butter autoland? I mean what speed must be setted to do a butter land?

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A useful topic that may help:

The appropriate speed for the aircraft.

Also, APPR isn’t meant for buttery landings, I have never seen a very buttery APPR.


v/s -200 fp/m with APPR it’s a butter?


That’s a normal APPR landing, not too smooth but not too hard.

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I’ve never seen a appr butter land either. The smoothest I’ve seen was -256

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Im not the best at using APPR but you have to select there runway, set nav one, capture the localizer and glide-slope, enable APPR and set all of your autopilot up and you can set it up to land at -100 fpm

even if you set it to -100 fpm it lands ~200 to ~300 fpm

I know how to use APPR, but i’m need a good speed to do a butter land.
Also, thx

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my smoothest landing was with APPR but I was controlling thrust so I gave it power right before to lower my fpm

Ah, here is a tip.

Disable Auto-throttle at 20 feet AGL and move the throttle to idle.

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This is my last rn flight.

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Try landing with Flaps 3. It will help.

ok thx for tip!

So look at the link above, it shows the landing speed for the different type of aircraft. (:

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I’m all fairness Auto Land is just meant to get you on the ground when you can’t namely because of poor visibility, if you really want to show off with your landings then your probably going to have to learn to do that yourself.

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i have low end device… that’s reason why i can’t land manually…

wait how do u set touchdown for a particular vertical fpm?

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Im not sure if it works like this on all planes but if you capture the glide-slope the APPR will automatically adjust to match it so you can set your VS to what ever you want and it will try to use that for your landing fpm I believe

someone correct me if im wrong!

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