Gravely point spotting...

An obvious spotting location, but a good one…


Wich one did you like best?

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Gravely point spotting? Where you spotting at a graveyard?


Fantastic pictures as always

Have you never heard of the world famous Gravel Point short of runway 19er at KDCA?


I was literally in KDCA 3 days ago. Bummer ya missed me.

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Nooooope. I’m Malaysian, what’d you expect lol

Nice spotting photos though @KPIT


Nice pics! Reminds me of KATL yesterday where I got a very similar angle.


We may spot at Dulles tommrow, so stay tuned😋🙃

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Great pictures love the Southwest 737 with sprits

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@Cbro4 Where were you spotting from?

I was spotting at a parking lot right before 9R at KATL.

I love Gravelly Point. Best spotting place in my area. Beautiful shots by the way!

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On a funny note there was a lady walking past on the walking/bike path who seemed unaware of the aircraft, and one flew over and she was like “holly sorry there are children herethat plane is low!” and her and her husband seemed genuinely puzzled by it, and I was like one litterly came by about a muinet ago, you cant have been that far away to have not seen it… Also eaven non intrested people know that there is a great place to see planes there!? Also people seemed perplexed by the fact that planes could land on the cross runway, and were verry puzzled when a CRJ2 did not go over head, but landed on the cross… I mean paople there are two runways, also if you clearly dont understand what is happning, like how wind would affect an aircraft (there were strong gusts that day) we dont need to hear you criteaking the pilots for a rough landing when you cant figure out that there are two runways…

But I digress, there were alot of non av geeks ginving their twosents…

There are 3 runways at KDCA. :)


Ya, but I belive the shortest of the three is too short to be relisticly ued by airliners

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The two alternates are both the same length, I believe that they use 04/22 more than 15/33 though.

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Gravelly point. Also i have some great pics there, i live in dc so…

Dulles. I have pictures from there which i can upload, bc i either depart or arrive there 98% of the time

That bird on picture 6 is seriously close to that engine

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It looked closer in the picture, it wasnt that close…