Gravelly Point Spotting at DCA // Virtual Spotting XII

Gravelly Point Park Spotting

Hello all! I am back with the next virtual spotting session of the year. This one takes place in the capital of the United States. These shots were taken over the course of multiple days and there are two separate videos taken over the course of different days. In the realistic video, I changed the callsigns and destination to make them realistic so please do not ask about why I changed it. One is before 21.1 and one is after so be sure to look at those. Make sure to look at previous virtual spotting topics also. Anyway, stay safe and enjoy the photos.


Realistic Gravelly Point Spotting // KDCA (Video 1)
HD Gravelly Point Park Spotting // KDCA (Video 2)

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@KSS (Video 1 & 2)
@RhendyAvGeek (Video 1)
@Zay_G (Video 1)
@Jayson_Martinez (Video 1)
@Coleman_B (Video 1)
@Drxw (Video 1)
@AlaskaAirfireball111 (Video 2)
@askrdl (Video 2)
@MichaelMetaxas (Video 2)
@purplecow1214 (Video 2)
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Date: 5/9/21, 5/10/21, 5/19/21, & 5/20/21
Server: Expert
Location: Ronald Reagan National Airport 🇺🇸 ( KDCA )

Bonus Shot

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First of all great photos, I am off to watch the videos now!


Awesome shots 😄

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Ace pictures! Cheers for the tag.


@AlaskaAirfireball111 Thank you! Enjoy the video!

@Henrik003 Thank you very much!

@ToasterStroodie Thank you!

I’m so glad I don’t see an A380 at DCA. Nice shots!

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@Aviation108 Unfortunately I came across a Cathay Pacific A350 @ DCA landing on RWY 1 while an AA A321 was landing on RWY19 yesterday but did not get it in the video or photos


I’m disappointed in humanity

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Great work buddy. Love the pictures

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@MichaelMetaxas Thank you!

I’m so glad you did not feature any straight out departure out of rwy 1 and a straight in approach into rwy 19

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Thank you for the mention, and yea i can see myself departing out at 1:25
Amazing Vid my friend

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@LuminousNate No problem. Still a major problem though because I saw too many straight in approach on RWY 19.

@RhendyAvGeek Thank you!


Wow!! This is awesome

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