Gravelly point park spotting

Welcome to gravelly point park!

So a a bit over 3 weeks ago I was in Washington D.C. I went spotting on two different days at DCA/KDCA. The place was amazing and the planes go directly over you and you can kind of feel the jet blast from the engine. You can also see the Washington monument and some other cool buildings. Also on the first day there was a huge thunderstorm and we had to run to our car… so that was fun. So now I will show you some of the photos from the 2 days!

Also this is my first post in #real-world-aviation:spotting so any feedback is appreciated!

especially yours @AndrewWu 😂

Also on this day runway 19 was in use.

An American eagle e175

American airlines TWA livery

Some helicopters flying around the pentagon

An alaska a321 neo for you @anon38496261

Another American e175

A United a320 landing

Bonus photo

I have no idea what this plane was doing…

What was your favorite photo?

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Thanks for looking at all of these!
Also all of these photos were taken on my iphone 11.

Also any other plane spotters I highly recommend this place

Have a great rest of your day/night! Thanks!


Those are some incredible pictures!
I remember when I visited Washington DC my favorite part was watching planes flying into DCA from the Washington Monument.

Someone said Gravelly Point? Nice photos, Sam! Loving the UA A320 shot. Still upset you didn’t visit me 😡

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Thanks @NathanD!

Next time we can do something @ToasterStroodie 😉

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I’ll clear my calendar just for you

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Great pictures, Sam! Thanks for sharing!

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I’d tell you to not use a phone and get a real camera, but I understand that’s not accessible to everyone so some general phone tips:

  1. Shoot for perspective/composition. You don’t have camera quality so you kind of need to play around with the angles to make your photos stand out. The first photo is a good example. I’m not saying every photo should be that angle but it’s a good use of what you have to get a cool shot.

  2. Watch your distance. The quality drop off for distance on a phone is pretty much exponential.

  3. Just get a camera lol


😂I don’t go plane spotting enough where it makes sense. Thanks for the feedback though!

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Only Avgeeks could say that lol. Don’t blame you, I would say the same thing

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Based A321NEO Alaska

Potomac River Visual is my favorite. So close to all the iconic Washington D.C. buildings.

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Hope ya don’t mind I may or may not have used number one as my new phone wallpaper 🤭

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Amazing photos! Did you see any landing at DCA from Buffalo?

@Captain-787 LOL

@reer104 thanks! I agree

@bcc.123 your more than happy to use my photos as a wallpaper! Just curiose which one did you use?

@MJP_27 thanks! I actually think I did see one from buffalo but I don’t think thats is any of my photos.

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I used the first one, with the underside of the plane. So cool!

That looks like an Airbus to me. Not an E175

@bcc.123 nice. That’s my second favorite!

@N1RG zoom in some and it will look more like an e175

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Honestly, that shot is so hard to tell even when zooming in. I can see the winglets and those look like E170 winglets to me

Can you even tell a difference between the e170 and e175?

Love seeing shots from Gravelly Point! Definitely gotta take shots there one day