Grass Field Landings

So 1 thing involved with Bush flying or sometimes normal flying in general is grass strips. I had done a flight earlier today and thought I would touch up on some stuff to do when completing a grass field / soft field landing. For taildragger it’s pretty simple, touck donw near the start as much as you can and try not to use your break much. But when flying a Tricycle landing gear configuration you have to take more precautions. 1st is make sure you keep as slow a speed as you can when on short final. 2nd is once you touck down jeep the nose wheel off the ground as long as you can to reduce risk of it digging in and damaging tour plane, 3rd is dont slam the nose wheel down when it starts to drop to reduce the same risk as above. 4th, dont use your brake if you dont have to. 5th, dont scrape the tail. With these in mind try to be as safe and careful as you can when using a grass strip. Here is a video that will give you a better example of what I mean and might help you understand it more.


I love doing grass field cause the c172 is an interesting plane when your at a lower speed.

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If you are talking about IF, grass is textured the exact same way as concrete or asphalt. Also, this is the wrong category.

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I cant post in #tutorials and it’s for realism in infinite flight.

One major downfall when it comes to the 172 in IF is that there’s no ground effect.

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