I created a topic pretty much the same before the hotfix but I still have problems

but after the hotfix the lag was still the same. Please help me

Which device are you using?

Huawei p20 lite

Even on all low settings is still laggy?

Yes and before the big update they were smooth at best+

When I say big update I mean non hotfix

How much space do you have free on your device?

10gb + 64gb micro sd

But in device 10gb ye

This also happened to me on Huawei 10lite after A330 update but it was still playable on low greaphics… Try to clean some space and ram on your phone…

Have you changed WiFi providers?

Since then I haven’t found any information in regards of the Huawei P20 lite compatibilities. This is a device related issue and We will need to check its function wether it can run Infinite Flight or not. You may ask the staff for this as I’m looking up the Information.

I don’t think FPS is related to WiFi

This could be an issue with the Kirin 659 chip, handled by the Mali-T830 MP2 graphics unit. But I have no idea with the issue as the phone was just unveiled last year. ( Just saying that I have never used this phone before).

No but I go between my mobile network and normal WiFi alot and they are both different providers

There are possible problems and solutions I have found on a website that may be related to the issue you have.

  1. Phone Running Too Slow

With their powerful processors, the Huawei P20/P20 Lite/P20 Pro shouldn’t be slow. The only reason the phones will be running too slow is when the processors are overburdened and too many programs have taken up RAM space.

In most cases of smart devices running too slow, there are rogue apps in the background using processor power. There are different things you can do to address this problem. For a start, minimize the rate you multitask. Update all your apps. Remove any suspicious app you have recently installed. Clear memory from time to time. If the problem is severe and persists, try factory reset.

You may take a look here:

Thanks but would this help

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Most system updates contain bug fixes. You should have your phone updates to date so, I’d recommend updating your phone also. 👍

FPS isn’t Lag is

I have just noticed that the graphics used to work before the update, that would mean then that the device needs to be optimised more for the latest update in IF. ( Or Else another fix needs to be made ).