Hello since there is a new update what does the ludicrous grpahic setting means and whats the difference with best and ludicrous?


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In graphics the ‘Best’ setting is ok but if you want your scenery to look $1000 I would set it to Best, so your game doesn’t lack or heat up.

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I would only use ludicrous if I’m taking photos for my Instagram page, or any other social media, otherwise the device tends to heat up

Alright thank you :)

Ludicrous, looks stunning on my 2018 iPad pro 😊

I use an Ipad Air 2 and I toggle back and forth and I cant see a difference using a CRJ 700 sitting at the gate and zooming in cockpit and wheels etc using ludicrous and Best with anti-aliasing on. Or at least it is so subtle I cant pick up the nuances.


Ludicrous is very good, best is just good. Personally I always use it on Ludicrous, as I can really notice the difference between that and Best on an iPad 5th generation. It’s all up to personal taste, but I love Infinite Flight graphics, so the best is the best!

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G’day the main difference is the texture of objects, in best graphics a object will be seen with bumps but with ludicrous graphics they aren’t that noticeable. I took a screenshot of all the graphics settings at YSSY. I personally use ludicrous but have to throttle back on the graphics when there are more than 3 other planes as my device does not like it, I have a iPad mini 2. I hope this helps.

Fast graphics
Good graphics
Best graphics
Ludicrous graphics

Does the graphic setting change the appearance of the scenery too or just the rendered plane and airport platform?

Yes it dose change the scenery as well, if you look at pictures 1 and 2 the farthest away scenery is not good quality but in picture 2 the scenery is more visible but the fog is removed a bit, but if you want the most true to life scenery I would hands done use ludicrous as the scenery doesn’t have the bumps in the lines, if you turn on anti-aliasing the bumps go away and everything will be smooth but if you have very good eyes they are still a little bit bumpy, so yes changing the graphics does change the look of the scenery, I hope this helped you.

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