Hi guys
I was just looking around in the setting after the update.
I noticed one thing
Ludecrus mode on Graphics
Is this any better than the “best” graphics since I didn’t see any difference really

One of these is ludicrous while the other is best


Which one is ludicrous?

  • Number 1
  • Number 2

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Thanks for answers

There is a difference between the two. They may be subtle but these settings do change appearance most noticeable on larger devices like iPads and Android Tablets. Screen size is a big factor ;)

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Well, right now I’m using a iPhone XS, so i do think it is a little weird that there aren’t that much difference, but thanks for clearing up:)

Case in point, if you were to change the settings on both an iPhone and iPad Pro 11" lets say. With the two next to each other you’d be able to see differences.

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I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and run an HDMI from the tablet to a Samsung 50inch 4K TV. You can see the difference on that. On the Tablet and the TV.

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How does it look on the TV?

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It looks pretty good. I posted a photo of it on the IF Set Up topic but I’m unsure how to link that one to this. I’m pretty new to the Community.

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Correct, as the display is transferred from the Tab S4 to the TV it essentially just stretches out what is being displayed on the tablet and that’s how you will see it on TV. The larger the screen the bigger the difference is in appearance. It’s not that what is being broadcasted is of low quality its just stretched out over a larger area.


On my iPad Pro 12.5 I can tell a pretty significant difference in the scenery, roads, buildings, mountains seem to have such a greater detail than before. Love this update!


Yes, so the primary device being the S4. The picture is very very clear! I purchased the tablet solely for IF. lol


I have to check my iPad later today then

I see a difference and you have to be close up at the picture and change the picture quick and you will see it.

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in fact I want to know the difference between both BEST and LUDICROUS, at best is very simple to know since the word itself says it, and in the ridiculous, what we should expect, low quality or even better

The first one looks way better. I’m on my computer and I blew it up- when switching back and forth, you can see that the first one looks crisp. However, the new systems are very vague- does best still have anti-aliasing?

Ludicrous is the highest setting available for compatible devices. It’s 1080p I believe.


I got it, thanks

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