Could someone please tell me the difference between middle and high terrain graphics and high and very high airplane graphics cause i dont really seem to get the visual difference…

High terrain graphics make the ground look less blurry when you’re close to it.
High aicraft graphics mean that the cockpit will be (in some cases), better detailed, and the exterior of the aircraft will have a shinier look.

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Thanks anyway ;)

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No problem.

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Very high graphics have a different kind of shininess…

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Very High:


High and very high!?thats the problem

veryhigh aircraft quality will show windows lights on the A320 family

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High too!?

Look at Narroc’s screenshots…high too does have window lights

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I also took some screen shots (iPad Pro) with graphics set to HIGH and VERY HIGH.
I can’t find any differences. I can’t see which is which!

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Guess am not the only blind guy but what about terrain…maybe am alone in this i have a feeling there’s a difference in this though i cant seem to get it

I’m visually impaired. My eyesight is only between 10-15% compared to a low average.
I guess in the US that would mean I am legally blind. :)


That’s good to know…am dead…an even more blind guy leads a blind guys across a superhigh way…haha lol

How do you get the cockpit to illuminate at night? Mine used to, but for some reason it no longer does.

Simple set the graphics at either high or too high for the airplane

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Thank you. I have fixed it and now the quality is amazing on my Note 5.

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