Graphics Settings

I use this setting. If I change this, there’s no way I can play anymore.

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Welcome to the community,do you need help with anything?

Hello and welcome to the community.

Any chance you could say what device you are using?


Hello! Could you elaborate on what assistance you need? From what I can see, it seems like your device may not be able to run Infinite Flight to its fullest. What device are you currently using?

Hello! Welcome to the community,
Could you please elaborate more on your question. Myself and the other community member don’t quite understand.

The new graphics options are letting my IF slow. Sorry for the English it is not my native language.

Samsung TAB S2 T815 - My device.

There was a recent update which allowed you to turn off and on anti aliasing. Have you tried this?

Before this update and graphical changes my simulator worked perfect.

I use a Samsung TAB S2 T815. This last update made my simulator slow.

My English is not very good. This last update made my simulator work with poor quality and slow. This image I put was my settings before the upgrade and worked perfectly.

This may be the cause @HeyguiiiH . It was released in 2015, so its highly likely…

The anti aliasing for me does not make much difference in performance. I need the rendering quality option.

Is the game playable at the lowest of settings?

Rendering quality worked with the simulator without that blue on the horizon the simulator worked perfectly. Now without this option there is no way to fly.

Low quality works but the simulator gets ugly

Ah i see.

The devs are aware about lag issues and are trying their best to tackle them.
However this is what Phillipe (a developer) had to say.

“If you are having this issue it means that your device is getting too old for a good experience in IF (even recent Android device can be inadequate).
Despite our best efforts, we won’t be able to always add new features AND support all the devices we supported in the past.
IF is not designed to run on low end devices (~$200 range). A recent mid to high end device is preferred for an optimal experience.”

I think my problem would be solved if they put graphic option as it was before. Thank you for your help :)

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