Graphics Scenery Issue

Open your settings page and take a screenshot Of your graphics section. Maybe that’s where stuff is going wrong

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This happened to me once while landing in SFO, the graphics were very bad. And when I got to about 1000 AGL I couldn’t see anything exept black

Okie j will do that…

What is your wifi speed like? Are you on VPN? What country are you connecting from?

Thats something different and there are 500 topics on that

WiFi speed couldn’t be a huge issue as I only use my LTE


I have full bars of AT&T and LTE

Change all the resolution things to high, see what happens

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I have done that already, seems to make it worse

And you are flying right now on the training server, correct?

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Just try doing that and show us a screenshot

Ok I am getting close to closing and making this a pm. One thing at a time, wait for a reply.


Ok I will try that and yes I’m on training

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Nothing has changed exept Frame rate which is kinda bad. image

Out of curiosity, how much free storage space do you have? This can also be a sign of low storage space.

If you are on the same device hopping in and out of it is probably not helping the situation any.

You can also try changing the time of day and seeing if that makes a difference.

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If it helps I had this exact thing happen to me a bit ago, the ground went all fuzzy, and I tried some stuf with graphics in game, but the only thing that worked was restarting the app…


First off nothing is going to happen if you keep going in and out of your app. I know we are asking to check on things but we assumed it was a second device. Just ride it out and get as far as you can. Sometimes it resolves itself over time or as you get closer to your destination.

Stay in the app
Clear the scenery cache again
Let the streaming catch up from you going in and out.
Report back after you land


I don’t see any of the airport. This also could be a bug of the new liveries or new scenery update.