Graphics Scenery Issue

Right now I’m flying from RNO-DEN and once I entered the Denver area my graphics went bad. I have Wi-Fi in and cellurer data. I tried turning on and off both but it still won’t work.

I then tried to put graphics on low and high and medium and turned off anti analysing but it still won’t help.

I DONT want to leave the app right now or restart because I haven’t landed just yet but I just want to see if anything would work. Thank You.

It’s not fog to be right. And it’s also the Denver area which has good graphics like the whole US

Hey there, have you tried using the new clear scenery cache feature?

picture credit to @Levet

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No I have not, I do know that I’ve flown by here many times, let me try to reset it.

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I waited for about a minute and a half, how long do you usually have to wait?

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And yes I cleared Cashe

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Could you show us the METAR at the nearest airport?

Sure, I can do that.

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Interesting, has it been this way for the whole flight? I’m going to try to replicate the issue.

No, only until I reached about the very southwest point of Wyoming and Utah, you could say 15 NM after Salt Lake

Continue inbound and just see if it gets better? You can still see the ground so that’s good.

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And also, are you sure you are connected to the live server? I just spawned in and I don’t see you

Oh that’s because I’m on forums trying to figure this out before the flight, I’ll see if it get better

It might be the Black Floor big, but I’ll see.

Make sure you have a connection to the “Global Server.” This is the server that streams the terrain.

I am Connected to the Server


If it was black floor, you wouldn’t be able to see the floor. You can now, the imagery just isn’t great

In the corner of his screen there is the check mark so he is

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Floor didn’t look black in the top picture.

See if it gets better.