graphics problem. outline on planes dotted and terrain similar.

Would appreciate any advice on this. Best way is to just post some screenshots. Only started being like this this evening. The terrain also same problems. Very poor. Not setting have been changed and everything set to best quality.

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What device are you using, sir?

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Do you have anti-ailising turned on?

Samsung s7 edge. It’s not turned on. No. Not used it before. Tried with it on。same problem

Those dots are probably caused by you not having Anti-Aliasing on.

Tried with it on. Reset device too. Never had this issue

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Try restarting your device

Anti aliasing and very high graphics quality for airplanes should smooth out lines like those. However there’s no guarantee every device will be able to completely smooth things out. Some times it can’t be avoided at all.


Yeah. I find it an eyesore looking at the lines now that I’ve discovered Anti-Aliasing.

I reinstalled the app and all is well now.

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